The Last Resort
The Last Resort
because there should always be room in our hearts

Opening homes Opening hearts

A healing community for young people

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The Last Resort is a welcoming home, a caring community and a dream

We want young people to experience a safe, nurturing and normal family that restores dignity and confidence

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A welcoming home for young people

Many young people have no home to return to due to abuse, sudden crisis or unfortunate circumstances. What they often need is a place they feel safe enough to work through life's challenges


A caring community

In life, no one has too much that they have no need to receive, and no one has too little that they cannot share. And what everybody simply needs, is a little bit of kindness =)

"If we're going to fight a disease, let's fight one of the most terrible diseases of all, indifference" - quote from Patch Adams


A dream

Our utopian dream is for families and communities to make room in their homes to see safe places populated all over this city

Find out how it all began here

His Story

We malfunction because of the effects of brokenness in our lives, even in stable families

We are not a perfect family. And we are not trying to create a perfect family.

But we can form a healing community who looks to God - our perfect loving Father. It is in tangibly experiencing a greater love that we discover our ability to extend love.


Your Story

We invite you to experience this great joy of pursuing what truly brings delight and rest