Support for TLR

Reposted from The Last Resort's Facebook page:

From Ken on July 31, 2018:

Ever since YMI ran a feature on TLR, there are several queries on how we can be supported in our mission.

First and foremost, prayer cannot be understated, because only in prayer do we understand our role in the Master(’s) plan, and find the grace and courage to play our part. So we covet your prayers, and please do share with us not just on what you uploaded to heaven, but also what you downloaded =)

Secondly, care is needed for the caregivers. Not only for Addy and myself, but for the rest of the community that together form the necessary emotional and spiritual support for those in our care. We need to take care of those who give all of themselves to care for others. Whether it’s a scribbled card of encouragement, a movie ticket, or a simple affirmation, it goes a long way to keep everyone going.

Thirdly, there is the regular financial commitment to keep the premise running. We do not intend to receive public funding due its restrictions on the nature of how we believe people ought to be cared for, so most of our resources comes from friends and community who believe in the work.
If you are considering giving financially, we’d like to first invite you over for coffee. We would really love for you to know us better before you open your check book. Perhaps by being open and honest with who we are and what we believe in, you can then decide if being an equal partner in our missional community is what you are convicted of. Most of all, it also safeguards us from receiving more funds than we need.

I know these pointers may not be enough for many of you, so do reach out to us personally so we can communicate in more details.

David Sng